Guatemala Coban Organic

COUNTRY: Guatemala

PRODUCER: Regional Organic Cooperatives

REGION: Coban, Alta Verapaz

VARIETALS: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Sarchimor, and Anacafe 14

ALTITUDE: 1300-1500 masl



CUPPING NOTES: Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Sour Cherry


Alta Verapaz, considered among the finest in Guatemala for coffee.  With thousands of indigenous communities in the area, many have been cultivating coffee beans for generations. Coban is rainy and cool all year round, with soil consisting of clay and limestone. The rainfall and coolness results in a slow maturation of the berries.  This subtropical region produces coffee that is buttery rich and sweet.

With many of the local farms averaging 3 acres in size, producers have organized themselves into local cooperatives to help them overcome the challenges of the rugged and isolated region.  This allows producers to combine forces so they can learn new strategies and organic practices such as using materials like coffee pulp to make a higher quality fertilizer, with better yields. The Alta Verapaz area producers use their own micro-mills. They are responsible for cherry selection, depulping, fermenting and drying, ensuring the quality of the beans.