Cold Brew Coffee Extract

Easy Cold Brew Coffee

Using a french press.

Cold brewing fresh roasted beans is easy and gives a smooth drink that is just out-and-out enjoyable and all you need is fresh roasted coffee beans from Paris Coffee Roasters and a french press.

Ingredients for 1/2 liter concentrate

1/2 liter ( 2 1/4 cups) cold filtered water

68g (10 tbsp) coarse ground coffee

 french press

Time 12 to 16 hours

(Adjust to fit your french press, or use a jar and filter).


Grind the beans just a bit coarser than you would for coffee in your french press.

Put the ground beans in the press, add some of the water and gently stir to ensure all the grounds are wet then top up (leaving room for the lid).

Put the lid on and bring the screen down to the top of the coffee. Put it in the fridge and leave for 12 to 16 hours depending on the amount you are making.
When time is up, press the screen down and pour coffee into a container.


To serve the coffee.

Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour in milk to ¾ full ( I like whole milk for this even though I use 1% for everything else), then add the amount of extract that makes you happy.

Sweetener or a sugar syrup can also be added.

And enjoy.

The extract should stay good, sealed in the fridge for a week and good luck with it lasting that long.